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I like creating things... Can I help?

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I like creating things... Can I help?

Post  Terry on Thu Nov 07, 2013 12:46 pm

Q - I like creating things... Can I help?

A - Yes! Feel free to create an account and post your ideas.

If you do post your ideas, there's a few things that you should probably do beforehand!

  • Read up on previous ideas and posts. You might find some things conflict, in which case you may its best to revise your idea.

  • Understand the subject. Does what your proposing make sense in context?

  • Make sure you describe your idea accurately! Misunderstanding people is... annoying. (sometimes its not your fault though)

  • Be prepared to defend your idea, if you think its a keeper! Just because we like creating doesn't mean we're not critical. (purify with fire, right?)


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