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Human leadership

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Human leadership Empty Human leadership

Post  Terry on Wed Apr 10, 2013 12:12 am

I would just like to reiterate what is on the wiki page and open it for discussion and expansion. Here is what is on the humans wiki page:

"Mastery of a specific trade is so important to their society that they are even led by artisans. Councils of practicing artisans are appointed to lead townships, and the King himself is a master of many trades. (Some of the kings even be called "Renaissance men") Besides the king, there is a council of 2 artisans of every trade that the king can consult with. When the King wants to get something done, he consults with both artisans of that specific field, and if one or both of them think its a good idea, it gets done, but if both of them say no, it doesn't happen. It doesn't work the other way though, the two council members can't go to the king for something then out-vote him if he says no.(maybe, haven't thought this through yet.)"

I remember writing this a long while ago. I still like the idea although it could definitely be expanded.

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Post  B_Rad on Mon Sep 02, 2013 9:34 pm

I still love the idea.

An interesting possibility is that we could have ordinary citizens begin to be fed up with the fact that none of their leaders are familiar with "real life" (sort of like the situation in our own country). While I don't think it would be a widespread feeling, it would be a great realistic nuance if some of the cultures resented this fact, that all of their leaders only know specific trades and are not good representatives of the ordinary lower class.

Even if we don't incorporate this idea of mine, I still enjoy the outline from the wiki. We just need explore and expand the logistics of the system.

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