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My Introduction!

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My Introduction! Empty My Introduction!

Post  Terry on Thu Mar 28, 2013 7:04 pm

Hello! I'm Terry (if you didn't already guess) I've been with Emathar sense its inception, and have been enjoying watching it grow over the years. I'm a young adult attending my local community college for Business and working a part time job. Yes, I do find myself "busy" at times but I always find time to reply to posts, even if I'm not writing new ones! I enjoy archery, playing the piano, riding my bike, the art of recording music (and occasionally making a rap beat or two), the theory and act of tuning, repairing and maintaining pianos, technology, owning and operating my dog boarding kennel and designing tree-forts, acoustic panels and catapults.

I find myself engrossed with the geography of Emathar, even though I don't know enough about a planets eco-systems to create a map that makes sense.

Also, I like food.


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