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What does "Emathar" mean?

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What does "Emathar" mean? Empty What does "Emathar" mean?

Post  Terry on Thu Nov 07, 2013 12:18 pm

Q - What does "Emathar" mean?

A - The word Emathar represents the known world and universe that are the result of the creative process of The Creator. It not only refers to the largest continent of the planet Emathar, but also encompasses the universe as a whole. This tradition probably originated on the basis of the meaning of word.

The name Emathar is the Mannish adaptation of the ancient, original Deithic name Y-eymeðr, believed to have meant, simply, "The Creation". One proposed explanation of this name is:

*y- A particle that expresses divine importance
*eym ‘substance, mass
*meðr - land of the One is timeless, thus no tenses, perhaps: *mett ‘make, create’ + *-r specific instance marker

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